For any organization to be successful, it is critical to focus on its core competencies, which is why we specialize in Automation and Technology Solutions for Aviation, Defense and Energy Industries. We provide innovative, cost-effective, and tailorable solutions, on a global basis, that provide affordable readiness and operational availability across all of the industries we serve. No one knows more about a customer’s business and operations than the customer. We listen to them first to learn their unique application, allowing us to tailor the best technologies and solutions to their exact needs.


Aviation (Commercial & Defense)


Aviation From the refinery to the wing-tip and beyond, Coggins International brings cutting-edge fuels automation technologies to the Aviation Fuel Management Industry, including highly sought-after fuel inventory management systems. Too often airlines, fuel service providers, fuel farm operators, pipelines and distribution terminals are faced with cumbersome, manual inventory management processes and out-of-date information, making it difficult to efficiently manage their operations. With our FuelsAutomation® Solution, you are able to manage your complete fuel inventory in real-time, as well as to take a look forward to analyze and manage your fuel supply chain demand—rather than on a historical basis. With a complete suite of mobile computing devices, into-plane fueling & fuel farm automation, automatic tank gauging, and automated fuel management solutions—we are changing the Aviation Industry.

Airline giant Delta Air Lines was one of the first to choose our FuelsAutomation® Solution as its corporate Fuel Inventory Management System (FIMS), to efficiently and cost-effectively manage and control its jet fuel supply and inventory across all major Delta storage locations. Delta has long been one of our premier Technology and Alliance Partners, including the ‘creation of paperless fuel ticketing’ in the early 2000s. We are honored to have worked with them for decades, as we have with all major airlines, oil companies, pipelines, refueling companies and fuel farm operators. This industry collaboration has led to our unrivaled market leadership in Aviation Fuel Management applications.

Defense & Government


Defense Coggins International’s primary business is providing Automation and Technology systems, software and services to the Defense & Government Industry. Through a 20-year GSA IT Schedule 70 contract—the largest, most widely used acquisition vehicle in the federal government—we offer a full range of Professional and IT services to the U.S. Government and its allies.

In 2009, we partnered with Accenture Federal Services (AFS) to integrate Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) energy applications into its SAP-based Enterprise Business System (EBS). The Energy Convergence (EC) program was a huge success, and we have remain an exclusive Team Member to Accenture under the DLA EBS and JETS programs, as well as being a DLA EBS Prime Contractor under its EBS, JETS and Energy programs. For DLA Energy, we are the Base Level Support Applications (BLSA) Training contractor, providing Fuels Management Training over 600 military bases and thousands of fuels professionals around the world. DLA Energy adopted our FuelsTraining™ Solution as its “fuel-related DLA Energy Portal”, with over 7,000 registered users.

In December 2016, the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) awarded Coggins International a master contract for J6 Enterprise Technology Services (JETS), with a ceiling of over $6B and a performance period spanning the next eight years, starting January 4, 2017. This JETS Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract vehicle includes the full range of Information Technology (IT) services, technical and management expertise that support applications, software, hardware, infrastructure and systems to DLA Information Operations (J6), as well as to other DLA and Department of Defense (DoD) activities. Our chief focus is on Defense Enterprise Systems, automation solutions, Information Technology, mobile computing devices, wireless communications, cybersecurity technologies, and professional services to address National and International security challenges. The majority of our management team are former military with a deep understanding of Defense and Government operations and overall mission. Our major DLA JETS task orders include: 1) DLA Information Technology Service Management (ITSM); 2) DLA Enterprise Business System (EBS) Development, Modernization, and Sustainment (Production); 3) Enterprise IT Architecture (EIA) Support Services; 4) DLA Enterprise Test Center (ETC) Hybrid solution; 5) DLA Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) and Business Data Sustainment; and, 6) DLA JETS Enterprise Engineering & Technical Services (EETS). As a Team Member to Accenture, we are also partnered under the Navy ERP Program.

Energy (Oil & Gas)


Energy The price of Energy, especially fuel, is ever-changing, and the overall supply chain is aging, struggling to keep up with current demand, making it extremely important to accurately manage and account for this valuable asset or expense. Coggins International does just that by providing the most advanced Fuels Automation Solutions. Our primary objective is simple – get rid of the 'pen and paper' method of fuel inventory and supply chain management, allowing for forward-looking visibility and control of fuel supply, distribution and consumption.

Our primary Energy focus is in North America and globally for the United States Government, where we have decades of experience implementing and supporting the most demanding applications. The key to our continued success of providing best-in-class, next-generation Automation and Technology Solution is working hand-in-hand with our customers, as technology and development partners. We have learned from the best of the best over the years, ever thankful to Shell Oil Company, CITGO Petroleum Corporation, Marathon Petroleum Corporation, DLA Energy, Shell Aviation, BP Aviation, Delta Air Lines and many more.

Fleet Fuel Management


Fleet Whether providing fuel management solutions for a fleet of aircraft, fuel trucks, automotive vehicles or ships, Coggins International is quickly becoming a market leader in Fleet Fuel Management systems, software and services. This includes turnkey, next-generation Electronic Point-of-Sale (EPoS) Solutions—combining the best-in-class technologies with proven expertise.

Our FuelsFleet™ Solution captures real-time fuel transactions at self-serve fueling terminals, mobile ground fueling units, aviation fueling units, and custody transfer instrumentation via mobile computing, measurement devices and instrumentation – throughout the fleet fuel management supply chain. FuelsFleet gives you the power to automatically account for every drop of fuel used in managing your fleet. You can also monitor and track vehicle telematics (Onboard Diagnostics – OBD) thru secure wireless connections. To deliver the most advanced Fleet Fuel Management Solutions, we have partnered with best-in-class automation and technology companies.